Al Pesso op 21 mei 2016 overleden

Met verdriet heb ik kennis genomen van het heengaan van Al Pesso op hoge leeftijd na een ziekbed van 8 maanden.

This tribute was added by Margret Kaandorp on 3rd June 2016

“My knowledge about PBSP was a coïncident because of reading a RINO brochure for therapists in 2004. This resulted first in therapy for myself with so good results that I later did the training to become a therapist.
Last year I was blessed to do a whole week training with Al in Boston.
I withnessed again that it is really an artform the way Al worked. I hope this form of art to heal deficits from our past will be continued even now Al and Diane are no longer physically here.
May they rest in peace and memories of love.”

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